• What should I wear? Something comfortable.  Loose fitting clothing and comfortable, supportive footwear.  A lot of people wear “cross trainer” gym shoes. It is recommended that you wear different shoes for your workout than what you wear outside.  This will increase the durability of your shoes.

  • Should I bring my own towel and lock? We do not provide towels or locks. You may bring your own lock to any location but, DO NOT leave your lock on a locker in the locker room over night. We do remove locks that are left on overnight.

  • How do I get started? Make an appointment at our Building Manager for your free equipment orientation.  We will teach you how to use the equipment and offer general information about your workouts.

  • If I join at one facility can I workout at the other location? Yes, Absolutely.  Once you become a member you are welcome to use your “fob” to access our Monticello and Tuscola facilities. Buildings are available at 4:00 AM daily for use 365 days a year 4:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

  • I’m interested in losing weight, is there someone who can help me with that? Yes!  A personal trainer can help you achieve your goals. We have, money back guaranteed weight loss training programs that combine nutrition coaching and strength training. See testimonials and results here.

  • Are Personal Trainers available? Yes! Our Personal Trainers are certified professionals who are available to design a fitness program for you based on your personal goals. See the Building Manager and fill out necessary paper work.  A trainer will contact you to set up your initial evaluation at which time you can schedule future workout times.  

  • Can I get my body fat measured? Simply ask the Building Manager to have a trainer contact you for a Health Screening.   Your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness will also be measured then put into your private (secure) member record for future comparison purposes. You will be able to view your progress in the privacy of your own home.

  • What if I’m new to Group Fitness, what classes should I take? We offer a variety of classes to meet our member’s interests and fitness levels.  We encourage you to attend any class and work at your own pace.  Also, let the instructor know that you are new and they will be happy to explain anything that is unfamiliar.  If you have any questions speak with your Building Manager.

  • What about my other questions? Contact manager@fitcen.comwith any questions or call the club.