January 2017
Special Offer

$1.00 dues in January
Standard Dues afterward
That's a savings of up to $70.00

Individual Dues Only $40 / Mo

(Sorry, New Members Only)


Ends Tuesday January 30th

at Midnight

This Offer Ends In

What Comes With this $1.00 Dues Payment ?

  1. You'll get access to all Fitness Center buildings in Champaign, Monticello and Tuscola.
  2. You'll get access to all of our Fabulous Group Fitness Classes.
  3. You'll get a 15 day Money Back Guarantee.
  4. You'll have Access to The GRID in Champaign and Monticello. The GRID is a Functional Training Circuit coached by a Personal Trainer. Class requires registration.
  5. You'll get access to a Free Supervised Playroom in Monticello and Tuscola. Hours vary by the season.
  6. You'll have access to our Locker Rooms (with Dry Saunas in Champaign).
  7. You'll have the ability to Lose Weight and Shape Up.
  8. You'll discover how so many people in your community Get Fit and Stay Fit in A Great Social Atmosphere.
  9. You'll discover why it's often more beneficial to do the exact polar opposite of what everyone else is doing especially to Protect Your Health.
  10. You'll discover an Improvement in your Sleep, A Reduction in your Blood Pressure, the Best Antidepressant Ever, and All Around Good Feeling. In todays difficult time... 
  11. This is The Magic Pill You've Been Looking For!

WARNING: Sudden weight loss, improved overall health, and a unique state of euphoria has confused many of our members.